ALSTA work with you, your vendors and your team to define strategic next steps



1: Vendor Bake-off

Considering switching a major ICT vendor?

Need to avoid the time, cost and challenges of running an RFI/RFQ process, yet need the result of an RFI/RFQ?

The ALSTA vendor neutral Advisory team works with your technical and management teams to understand the drivers and business and technical value of considering a vendor change.

Strategic vendor selection has a major knock-on effect for your company for many years.

ALSTA will help with the commercial and technical evaluation and provide you a clear recommendation on a path forward, based on both technical and commercial analysis.

In addition, we have an experienced view of best-in-class vendor pricing and can help you reduce both Capex and Opex with vendor price negotiation as-a-service.


Our vendor neutral bake-off Advisory service is currently offered for:

  • DC - Network Fabric

  • DC - HyperConverged Infrastructure

  • Network – Enterprise (inc WiFi, SCADA and SD-WAN)

  • Network – Service Provider

  • Collaboration technologies*

Note: ALSTA advisory commits not to sell hardware or software, our Advisory team work for you, not a vendor!

*Collaboration Bake-off delivered via our ICT-Alliance partner Citrus Solutions